Dave Martinez Ventures and UK Studio Draw & Code Partner For Museum Project

February 21, 2019

Dave Martinez Ventures and UK augmented reality specialists Draw & Code have been awarded a $2 million contract for three new museum projects in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico. The first of these new visitor attractions with immersive technology at its heart is slated to open during 2020. A consortium of creative technologists led by Silicon Valley-veteran Dave Martinez from Dave Martinez Ventures and UK immersive technology studio Draw & Code have already commenced early-stage R&D into how best to employ the latest techniques in the museum. 

The project has been commissioned by the incumbent Mayor of San Pedro Garza García, Mauricio fernández Garza, who has embraced the use of innovative technologies in culture and heritage. The first venue to benefit from this approach will be the Cretaceous Museum of Vallecillo, dedicated to paleontology. The budget for the museum is not being sourced from government money or from the Mayor, it is a privately funded initiative.   

The Mayor said, “The head of this group will be Dave Martinez Ventures who connects us to the greatest technology giants, leveraging Dave’s years of experience working in and around Silicon Valley.”   

Not only will the technology employed by the paleontology museum enhance the visitor experience, it is also planned to enable virtual tours with digitized artifacts and experiences that can be enjoyed at home. Augmented reality and projection mapping will be utlized in some of the installations, helping tell the story of the fossils on display, many sourced from Mayor Fernández’s own collection.   

Meanwhile virtual reality is already being used by the team to visualize and evaluate the visitor experience before construction begins. Immersive technology has been at the core of the museum since its inception.

With an initial budget for immersive content standing at $2 million, the consortium are also making plans for future developments across a series of museums that will require more funding. Their aim is to use the immersive content in the Cretaceous Museum of Vallecillo as the first stage in what would ultimately be a $10 million project across three museums.   

Dave Martinez said, “This ambitious project represents what Dave Martinez Ventures is all about - an international collaboration that brings together the best of Mexico, the US and the UK to produce something unique.”   

Working out of San Francisco but with Mexican heritage, Dave Martinez is relishing the opportunity to spec what promises to be a technologically-advanced and creatively spectacular museum.   

The entrepreneur has searched far and wide for the ideal partners for the delivery of the project. “Draw & Code are ideal partners for the Cretaceous Museum of Vallecillo with their mastery of delivering cultural content using immersive techniques.”   

Based in Liverpool, Draw & Code have already contributed immersive installations to large-scale exhibitions such as China’s First Emperor and the Terracotta Warriors.   

 Draw & Code’s creative director Andy Cooper said, “The opportunity to work on museum installations from such an early stage is incredible - Dave Martinez Ventures and Mauricio Fernández share Draw & Code’s vision of taking visitor experiences into the 21st century.”    The next stage for the Cretaceous Museum of Vallecillo is to seek further partners and sponsors to contribute to what could represent the next level in representing paleontology to the public.   

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